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8 IN 1 Ultrasound Cavitation Machine Body Slimming Vibrating Massager Anti-Cellulite Fat Burner Facial RF Infrared EMS LED Light

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  • Application: BODY
  • Model Number: ultrasonido facia y corporal
  • Item Type: Massage & Relaxation
  • Material: Composite Material
  • Size: Small
  • Brand Name: LGFU
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Certification: CE
  • Item Type: 8 IN 1 Beauty and Slimming Instrument
  • Color: White, Black
  • Input Power: AC100-240V
  • Output Power: 15V, 500mA
  • Frequency: 1MHz
  • Dropshipping: Shipped in 24/48h, no invoice, valid tracking number, fast delivery
  • Wholesale: More discounts for bulk orders
  • Type 1: cavitation ultrasonic machine
  • Type 2: ultrasonic cavitation machine
  • Type 3: slimming products lose weight
  • Type 4: body slimming machine
  • Type 5: radio frecuencia corporal y facial

MULTI-FUNCTIONAL SHAPING MACHINE: 8-in-1 body slimming machine is a multifunctional device which performs numerous functions such as removing fat from required areas, tightening the skin, relieving fatigue and anti-ageing. The massager can be used on different body parts like arms, legs, waist, back, belly and hip easily.

BODY SLIMMING: The device present in the device helps in activating the skin cells, improving cell metabolism and blood circulation. It makes the skin tighter and smoother.
*8 in 1 slimming machine
*8-effect body shaper
*Postpartum abdominal repair
*Shape your body and burn fat
*chevron face contour line
*The introduction of nutrition
*Body sculpting and fat loss

6 kinds of intense pulsed light:
Health, health and beauty and technology.
Red light wavelength 640nm penetrates the skin 1-6mm skin cell regeneration, promotes body fluid circulation, dilutes pigmentation, relieves pain, green light wavelength 532nm penetrates skin 0.5-2.0mm, calms the body and mind, deeply repairs, rejuvenates and whitens, reduces scars
The blue light wavelength of 440nm penetrates the skin 1mm to soothe allergic skin, eliminate acne, and remove acne bacteria
The yellow light wavelength of 583nm penetrates the skin 1-2mm to relieve skin redness, erythema and erythema 8/15
Violet wavelength of 430nm transdermal 1mm whitening redness, acne, skin repair and other effects.
Cyan wavelength is 490nm, 1mm deep into the skin to enhance cell energy, promote metabolism, and improve skin texture

Far infrared physical therapy:
Far infrared rays can penetrate deep into the subcutaneous tissues of the skin, promote the atomic and molecular resonance of human cells, promote fat burning, and accelerate blood circulation.

1. Vibration massage function
Effectively improve postpartum sagging EMS micro current is gently transmitted to the base.
Rejuvenate from the bottom of the skin. Keep the skin young and girly forever.
2. Far infrared heating design, suitable for human skin temperature.
The gentle essence is introduced, 100 percent absorbs the skin care experience. Make the skin smooth, soft and tender.
3. Improve sagging skin
Ultrasonic massage improves cell chemistry and hypoxia, improves tissues, nutrition, and enhances cell regeneration.
4. Stimulate acupuncture points
The EMS low-frequency wave stimulates to pull away. Acupuncture points to activate the essence of meridians and regulate internal organs
5. Ultrasonic atomization
High frequency micro vibrations of 1 million times per second can induce changes and movements of every cell in human tissues, accelerate metabolism, and increase tissue regeneration.
6. Negative ion deep nourishment The negative ion skin care mode will generate a lot of negative ion energy, bring the nutrients in the skin care products to the deeper layers of the skin, nourish the epidermal cells, and provide deep skin care.
7. More confidence and beauty and update RF
Through the short-distance current flow, energy and heat are generated in the flowing part, promote skin circulation and massage, and introduce nutrients.

How to Use EMS Mode:
1.Clean skin.
2.Connect 2 contact pads with the conductor.
3.Connect the conductor with the machine.
4.Stick the pads on skin.
5.Press power key to turn on machine.
6.Press mode key to switch to EMS mode.
7.Push the toggle to choose a massage mode.
8.Selectively adjust massage intensity with “+” and “-“.
9.Enjoy the massage.

How to Use Other Modes:
1.Clean skin.
2.Apply skin care product to keep it moist.
3.Connect the machine with a power supply.
4.Press mode key to select a mode.
5.Selectively press “+” and “-” to adjust intensity/light color (not for vibra, infrared and ions modes).
6.Apply the probe on skin to enjoy.

1.People with the following conditions are prohibited to use this product:
(1)Patient with malignant tumor;
(2)Woman during her pregnancy or period;
(3)Patients with dermatosis;
(4)Urgent patient with unidentified diseases;
(5)Children and the elders.
2.Keep the product out of reach of children.
3.The product is intended for home use and cosmetic purpose only. Using it for treating any medical condition or illness is not supported by the manufacturer.
4.To prevent possible burning or shortening the life of the product due to overheating, be sure to turn off its power and unplug the adapter when you stop caring for your skin. The ideal using time is 10 minutes each time.
5.Always keep the massage probe in full contact with skin when using it. Incomplete contact can reduce the effect and even cause skin discomfort or risk of burns due to overheating.
6.Avoid using the product for too long on the same part of the body.



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