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8ML Scalp Medicated Comb Scalp Treatment Applicator Hair Regrowth Essential Oil Liquid Guiding Massage Comb Hair Roots Massager

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  • Model Number: F-LMH230209
  • Item Type: Massage & Relaxation
  • Material: ABS
  • Brand Name: foreverlily
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Item Type 1: 8ML Mini Scalp Comb
  • Item Type 2: Scalp Medicated Comb
  • Item Type 3: Scalp Treatment Applicator
  • Item Type 4: Scalp Care Serum Apply Comb
  • Item Type 5: Scalp Essential Oil Import Comb
  • Item Type 6: Serum Oil Scalp Apply Comb
  • Item Type 7: Liquid Guiding Massage Comb
  • Item Type 8: Hair Nutrient Comb
  • Item Type 9: Scalp Care Comb
  • Item Type 10: Hair Roots Massage Comb
  • Item Type 11: Nutrient Conditioner Smear Comb

Scalp Medicated Comb



1.Evenly liquid ball gear. The ball fit scalp, high elastic skin affinity, 4 liquid out column evenly liquid, each gear evenly size, so that each hair root evenly absorb drugs, at the same time gently massage the scalp, accelerate the absorption of liquid.

2.Press out the liquid. Control the dosage flexibly, evenly reach the hair root, press as much as you need, stick to use, and wake up the dense hair

3.1ml precision medicine. 8ml liquid tank, clear scale, accurate control of drug quantity, refuse to waste drugs

4.Whole body washable. Separate three section design, easy disassembly, regular cleaning can prevent clogging

5.Wide mouth design. It is suitable for all kinds of liquids and can reach the hair root accurately. While applying medicine can also give scalp massage

6.Small and portable. Exquisite and compact shape design, easy to carry anytime and anywhere, without occupying space

Use Tips

1. When closing the top cover after adding the liquid, the action should be light to reduce the pressure of closing the cover which can reduce the overflow of liquid.

2. When there is liquid in the liquid container, please put the liquid upside down to prevent the liquid from overflowing.


1.Please clean with water in time after use to prevent the residual liquid from clogging the liquid pipe after drying.

2.It is forbidden to hit the comb teeth with hard objects.

3.Please put it out of the reach of children.

4.It is strictly forbidden to drop the comb, which will damage the comb teeth.


Item type: Scalp medicated comb
Liquid tank: 8ml
Liquid outlet teeth: 4
Product net weight: 16g
Product size: 2.95*2.65*5.35cm/1.2*1.0*2.1in

Product Include

1* Main machine
1* Box(The instructions are printed on the box)



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