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Electric Head Scalp Massager Hair Growth Oil Serum Comb Waterproof Head Scratcher Regrowth Hair Treatment With Red Light Therapy

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  • Usage Mode: Electric
  • Application: Head
  • Model Number: 6.8*5*2.6CM
  • Item Type: Massage & Relaxation
  • Material: ABS & TPR
  • Size: Medium
  • Brand Name: QIUGUO
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Certification: CE
  • Support: Dropshipping/Wholehouse
  • Function 1: scalp massager
  • Function 2: red light therapy for hair growth
  • Function 3: scalp massager for hair growth
  • Function 4: head massager
  • Function 5: massage cuir chevelu
  • Function 6: hair light therapy
  • Function 7: electric scalp massager
  • Function 8: infrared light therapy
  • Function 9: scalp massager red light
  • Function 10: scalp massage
  • Function 11: head massager electric
  • Function 12: red light hair growth
  • Function 13: electric head massager
  • Function 14: massage oil
  • Function 15: red light therapy
  • Function 16: scalp care massager with red light therapy
  • Function 17: relaxation treatment
  • Function 18: electric head scalp massager
  • Function 19: scalp massager electric
  • Function 20: masseur cuir chevelu
  • Function 21: hair massage scalp brush
  • Function 22: head massagers scalp
  • Function 23: head scalp massage
  • Function 24: luminothérapie cheveux
  • Function 25: red light therapy scalp
  • Function 26: massage comb
  • Function 27: electric head scalp massage red lamp
  • Function 28: electric scalp brush
  • Function 29: electric scalp head massager oil
  • Function 30: scalp massager for hair growth red light





Electric Head Scalp Massager Hair Growth Oil Serum Comb Waterproof Head Scratcher Regrowth Hair Treatment With Red Light Therapy

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ red light therapy for hair growth- 6ml -capacity




1.Micro-current + high-frequency vibration massage deeply soothes the scalp, promotes blood circulation, allows the nutrient solution to reach the hair roots, and better promotes the absorption of nutrients by the scalp.

2.625nm red light enhances metabolism, activates cells, promotes regeneration of hair follicles, and protects scalp health.

3.Three hair care modes (hair growth mode, massage mode, rejuvenation mode) effectively massage and relax the scalp, maintain hair and promote healthy hair growth.

4.Helps you improve various hair health problems such as frequent hair loss, dry and frizzy hair, split ends and greasy hair.

5.6ml medicine solution box, 1ml dosage is accurately controlled, and there is no residue in the liquid. It is suitable for all kinds of hair nourishing medicine solutions, liquid scalp essence oils, nutrient solutions, etc.

6.Type-C fast charging, fully charged in about 1 hour, 10 minutes of daily use, continuous use for 1 week, no need for frequent charging.



Color: White

material: plastic

Water tank capacity: 6ml

Red wavelength: 625nm

Working voltage: 3.7V

Charging voltage: DC5V

Built-in battery capacity: 150mAh

Charging time: about 1H

Maximum power: 0.32W

Net weight: 82g

Product size: 6.8*5*2.6CM

Packing size: 9.8*9.8*3.7CM


Packing List:

Massage comb*1

Type-C charging cable*1


style B :15ml large-capacity

Electric Head Massager Red Light Therapy Hair Growth Oil Serum Applicator Micro-current Hair Growth Head Vibration Massage Brus


1.The red light therapy penetrates the surface cells, reaching deep into the scalp roots, activating the hair follicles, repairing damaged hair, and promoting a healthy scalp.

2.EMS microcurrent + high-frequency vibration deeply soothe the scalp, enhance scalp blood circulation, facilitate the absorption of medicinal liquids, and awaken scalp vitality.

3.The 7 massage teeth allow for smooth and quick application of the medicinal liquid, massaging the scalp to promote the absorption of nutrient essence and care for the health of the hair.

4.The 15ml large-capacity liquid tank can hold 15ml of medicine at once; with 1ml precise liquid delivery, the dosage can be accurately controlled.

5.This applicator is mini and portable, allowing you to carry it with you wherever you go, ensuring that you can take care of your hair and scalp anytime, anywhere.

Product Parameters:

Color: off-white

Material: ABS

Built-in battery: 150mAh

Rated voltage: 5V

Rated power: 1W

Charging time: about 1H

Red light wavelength: 625nm

Waterproof level: IPX5

Net weight: 79g

Product size: Height 7CM*Diameter 4.5CM (2.76*1.77inch)

Packing size: 11.7*9.5*5.3CM (4.61*3.74*2.09inch)

Packing List:

Massage comb*1

Type-C charging cable*1



1. After adding liquid, please promptly close the liquid tank cover. When not in use, place it on the comb tooth protective cover.

2. After use, please clean the device’s liquid tank promptly. Failure to clean it in time may result in the residual liquid evaporating and crystallizing upon prolonged exposure to air, leading to clogging of the liquid delivery teeth and affecting the liquid dispensing effect.

3. It is prohibited to strike the liquid delivery teeth with hard objects, as deformation of the teeth can affect the liquid dispensing effect or cause irreversible damage.

4. Please store this product in a place away from children.

5. When the red light and vibration significantly weaken, and when the battery is low, it needs to be charged promptly.











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