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Frame Cage for Insta360 X3 Panoramic Action Camera Dustproof Silicone Protective Case Lens Protector for Insta360 X3 Accessories

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  • Material: Silicone
  • Type: Case
  • Compatible Action Camera Brand: Insta360
  • Model Number: for Insta 360 X3
  • Brand Name: SZKOSTON
  • Origin: Mainland China

Note: Only the black silicone case has a battery compartment pre-drilled hole, the blue and red do not have a battery compartment pre-drilled hole.


1. Flexible:
The stiffening rib surface is designed and can be kneaded at will.

2. Quick and Easy Installation:
Flexible and elastic, the case is easy to remove and install.

3. Comfortable Feel:
The surface is sprayed with feel oil, which is beautiful in appearance and comfortable to grip.

4. Accurate Hole Position:
The hole position is accurate, and it is well integrated with the camera without affecting the photographing.

5. Dustproof & Scratch-resistant:
The external silicone protective sleeve can effectively prevent dust and scratches, making it easier to use and store.


Material: Silica gel
Color: Red, Black,Blue
Net weight: about 15.2g
Applicable model: for Insta360 X3
Product size:
about 11.6 * 4.9 * 2.2cm/4.49 * 1.85 * 0.94inch (overall dimensions after installation)
Package included: 1 x Silicone sleeve”


1. Dedicated design:
Panoramic lens stick-on protector is only suitable for Insta 360 X3.

2. Lens Protection:
Waterproof, oilproof, dustproof and anti-collision, it can prevent your action camera lens from being scratched and shaken.Szkoston.

3. High-Quality:
Made of high light transmittance and corrosion-resistant PC Bayer 2805, the light and compact design add minimal burden to your action camera.


Material: PMMA
Light transmittance: 92%
Dimensions (About): Φ34.0 × 10.0 (Diameter*Height)

Package included:

1 x Cleaning cloth
2 x Protective mirror
1 x Triangular Pry Piece
2 x Double-sided sticke”

“Notice: This product is a composite soft film, not tempered glass.


1. Soft Protective Film for Insta360 X3 Camera Screen Protector Film for Insta360 X3 Panoramic Action Camera Accessories.

2. Waterproof, oil-proof and anti-fingerprint?Electroplating oleophobic layer, waterproof and oil-proof, high-definition anti-fingerprint.

3. 1:1 real machine mold opening?1:1 precise cutting, one-piece molding, no dust and no blocking of the screen, paste it as if there is no film.

4. High-definition and translucent?Up to 99% light transmittance, restore the true color of the picture, clear vision, high-definition and translucent.Szkoston.

5. Explosion-proof and non-broken edge?One-piece molding, upgraded compression-resistant structure, effectively resists fall damage and scratches from sharp objects.

6. Rounded corners and no scratches?The edge transition is moderated, rounded and smooth, which effectively enhances the durability,Fits the screen and feels so good that there is no film.”



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